October 31, 2023
How to Encourage Your Partner to Attend Counselling
In every relationship, there are moments when the going gets tough, and seeking professional guidance can make all the difference. However, when your partner is apprehensive […]
October 15, 2023
Body dysmorphia
Struggling with Body Dysmorphia?
In a world that often celebrates unrealistic beauty ideals, it’s not uncommon to feel the weight of self-doubt and insecurity about our appearance. For some, this […]
March 26, 2023
How to Mitigate Feelings of Shame Through Self-Compassion
Identifying shameful emotions is the first step in the healing process, providing us with a foundation to challenge inaccurate thoughts and perceptions of ourselves.
March 15, 2023
Ecopsychology: Working with and within nature
I take care of my canoe and my body so as to be able to reach the other shore. An urgent message, a past experience with which to live the present, an existence in which life is not absent. Have you still not talked to the trees or listened to the mountains? Have you still not made a pact with our brothers, the animals? Have you still not learned the language of the clouds?
February 2, 2023
Strategies for Satisfying Relationships
Strategies for Satisfying Relationships
It is no secret that relationships of any type take work to build and maintain. But what is that work? How can we optimize our efforts in relationships, so the work we put in earns us the results we want? Below are some strategies you can employ to increase the connection and satisfaction in your partnerships.
February 2, 2023
Feeling Stuck In Your Relationship
Feeling Stuck In Your Relationship? 5 Ways To Get Through A Relationship Slump
If you are feeling stuck in your relationship, you are not alone. Many couples experience this at some point, but it is important to take action to get out of it. Here are some tips and advice to help you work through a rut in your relationship.
January 18, 2023
trauma therapy Victoria bc
10 Ways to Calm the Nervous System with Polyvagal Theory
Trauma can alter our bodies to feel constantly alert. This is a survival mechanism that the body is using to try and keep us safe but can feel tiring and unnecessary when no real threat is present. This blog post will briefly explain the Polyvagal theory and the ways we can utilize this theory to help manage trauma responses and anxiety.
January 12, 2023
anxiety and depression counselling Victoria
What is Health Anxiety?
People with health anxiety worry constantly about their health. Health Anxiety is a psychological disorder characterized by irrational and obsessive fears about having a serious illness or being infected. Living with untreated health anxiety has adverse impacts on well being and relationships.
June 27, 2022
Mindfulness, Meditation and Counselling
There are a multitude of ways to practice mindfulness from eyes open to eyes closed, from practices called “do nothing” of the Zen tradition (literally sitting and doing nothing), to practices where we actively cultivate heart energy (Metta) to visualizations to mantras. The list goes on. Many counsellors, myself included, look to Buddhism to inform their therapeutic practices
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