Trauma Counselling

Trauma counselling can assist with a wide variety of internal reactions to overwhelming or extreme events. This includes exposure to stressful events like natural disasters, sexual assault, motor-vehicle, accidents, robberies, bullying, violence, and loss of loved ones.

It is important to recognize that each one of us interpret traumatic events differently and that there are a number of ways to process trauma. Trauma counselling provides you with a safe place to explore what happened and to gain a deeper understanding of the impact of trauma. It takes tremendous courage to address these painful memories. Working with a trusted and safe therapist you will learn to process these painful memories and integrate them in a way that allows you to move forward with your life.

Trauma counselling is also the preferred treatment approach for developmental and early life traumas such as sexual abuse, physical abuse, and neglect, as well as for the treatment of longstanding mental health challenges. These events can leave us with deep feelings of shame. Adverse childhood events can have a long lasting impact on our mental and physical health. They can show up as anxiety, depression, self-harm, addictive behaviors, impaired relationships, chronic health problems and difficulty with self-regulation.

When trauma is processed and integrated; new meanings are created. You will begin to feel better and understand your reactions to trauma with fresh eyes. You can begin to thrive and live the full and meaningful life that you want and deserve.

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