1How do I schedule a counselling apt?

There are two ways to book an appointment with Your Path Counselling. You can book an appointment directly with one of our counsellors directly on our Booking Page or you can send us a little information about yourself and we can find the right counsellor for you.

2How do I choose a counsellor?

Our individual fees vary. Please contact therapists individually to inquire about cost of service.

3How do I choose a counsellor?

You can review our counsellors’ bios and approaches on our Team Page.

Which therapist is right for me?

Sometimes what is most important is that counselling meets your scheduling needs. You can always visit our booking page to see which counsellors are available on the timeline that works for you. In addition, you may get a feel for the counsellors approach and style when looking at our counsellors profiles. You may have an idea of the kind of therapeutic approach you are looking for and see if the counsellor offers this service. Finally, you may go by your intuition. If it feels right then book an appointment.

4How do I get matched with a counsellor?

We will match you with a counsellor.

  1. You need to fill out the match form which provides us with important information on your identified problem, and what you are looking for in therapy.
  2. We will then match you for free and send you a therapist profile that you can consider.
  3. You can also request a free 15 minute consultation if you would like to meet your therapist before scheduling your first appointment.
  4. Book your appointment
5How long does it take to get in to see a counsellor?

At Your Path we aim to provide you with accessible counselling within a short time-frame of two weeks.The quickest way to access counselling is to go to our booking app and look at the counsellor's availability.

6What are your counsellors qualifications?

Counsellors at Your Path are professional, highly educated and trained, and have years of experience. All of our counsellors have a Masters degree in counselling, social work, psychology, or child and youth care. Our counsellors are part of professional and accredited associations.

Our interns are all graduate students on their path to becoming professional counsellors. Interns have completed all of their course work and are in the last phase of their training. All our interns are supervised by their universities and by our professional counselling team.

7What are your fees?

Psychotherapist - 180
Clinical Counsellors - 140
Supervised Interns - 75

8What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept credit card payments through our billing portal. You can pay directly after each session or, for your ease, you can be billed automatically through our secure automated service. In both cases, you will receive a full invoice for insurance and tax purposes.
9Will my extended benefits and insurance cover my counselling sessions?

Most health insurance and workplace programs reimburse for counselling services.

This means that you pay us directly and will get a receipt to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. It is important that you check your insurance to see what credential they cover. For example, social worker (RSW), clinical counsellor (RCC) or psychologist.

10How often should I see my therapist?

You will work closely with a therapist to decide what schedule works best for you. Generally we begin working with our clients on a weekly basis and then move to bi-weekly appointments.

11What is your cancellation policy?

You are required to give us 24 hour notice if you cannot make your appointment. If you do not show for your appointment without giving us notice you will be billed for the appointment.

12What can I expect from my consultation?

The 15 minute free consultation provides you an opportunity to meet with the counsellor prior to booking an appointment. In this informal meeting you will get the opportunity to briefly talk about why you are seeking counselling and to ask the therapist some questions. This meeting provides you with an opportunity to determine if the counsellor is the right fit for you. If the counsellor does not seem a good fit for you, we will match you with another counsellor.

Free 15-Minute Consultation