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In our practice, we've seen firsthand how the stormy years of adolescence and young adulthood can be a hotbed for various behavioural issues. These can range from mood swings and defiance to more complex patterns of behaviour that disrupt daily life and relationships. It's a time of intense physical, emotional, and mental growth, which can sometimes manifest in challenging ways. We're talking about the storms before the calm, periods where every day can feel like a negotiation or battle for young individuals and their families.

Our strengths-based approach to youth counselling is tailored to address issues like anxiety, depression, ADHD, ASD, and addictions, ensuring that you're not just surviving but thriving.

  1. Identity Formation: We'll guide you in discovering and shaping a robust identity, helping you understand who you are and who you want to become.
  2. Responsibility Management: As you navigate new responsibilities, we're here to offer expert guidance, ensuring that you're equipped to tackle life's challenges head-on.
  3. Emotional Regulation: Learn effective strategies for managing emotions and turning overwhelming feelings into powerful tools for growth.
  4. Goal Setting: Together, we'll set achievable goals that align with your values and aspirations, making your dreams an attainable reality.

We've encountered a spectrum of behavioural issues in the teens we see, and they aren't just acts of rebellion; they're often cries for help, expressions of frustration, confusion, or a desire for autonomy. We know that each person's path is unique, and our young adult therapy sessions reflect that.

We offer an initial consultation to see if working together might be beneficial. Parents, youth, or young adults are invited to contact us directly for more information.

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