Career and Post-Secondary Counselling

We can all use support from time to time when it comes to work and school. There are any number of challenges and changes from jobs, careers, and formal education. All of our counsellors at Your Path have been students themselves and have embarked on part time jobs and professional careers.

Whether you are just getting started in the workforce and need some help getting an entry level job or in a long-term career confronting challenges with management, speaking to a counsellor can support your goals by offering a non-judgemental space to talk about challenges and come up with fitting solutions. At Your Path, we also aim to help individuals develop fully satisfying career options. By clarifying personality traits, understanding core values, and knowing your own strengths and capacities, we can work with you to help find a career that is meaningful, empowering, and deeply satisfying.

For post-secondary students at all levels, we provide educational support, study skills, anxiety management, and help with finding direction. Post-secondary is not only a place of learning about a specific field of knowledge, it is a time of great personal growth and development. Working with a counsellor at Your Path can help enrich your post-secondary experience.

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