Couples Counselling

People seek couple’s counselling because they feel hurt, frustrated and dissatisfied with their relationship. They may feel misunderstood as important issues never get resolved and they are always in conflict. Some couples seek help to deal with painful issues such as infidelity in the relationship. Others are finding it difficult to deal with issues that can emerge when blending families. Some couples struggle with intimacy and are dissatisfied with their sexual relationship. There are many reasons couples seek therapy and at Your Path regardless of what brings you into couples counselling, we will provide you with a safe and neutral place to address the problems in your relationship.

Couples counselling provides you with a balanced view, a fresh perspective on your relationship dynamics and needed tools and skills to address the hurt that can come about when we get stuck in our dysfunctional patterns of behavior and/ or our relationship breaks down.

There are definite behaviors that have been identified in research that can harm and/or improve our intimate relationships. With increased understanding on what we each bring into the relationship and what we want and need from each other, we can begin to rekindle our connection to each other. Couples counselling provides you with this awareness, communication skills and opportunities for reconnection so that you can learn to face life challenges together as a couple. For a smaller percent of couples, this work may clarify for you that you no longer want to be together. We may recommend that some couples do both personal work in individual counselling and couples counselling.

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