Our Approach & Techniques

Our team at Your Path Counselling offers short-term counselling and longer-term psychotherapy. With many specialized services, you will find a private, safe, and confidential space to address your challenges and improve your life.

We believe that each person is on their own path to healing and growth. We see our role as providing a safe and professional space in which self-discovery, change, and growth can take place. Our mission is to support you in achieving the goals you have for yourself. We can provide you with the skills and tools you need to not only make sense of your personal troubles but also to resolve them. We take a holistic approach and view the whole person in their unique context, each with their unique gifts and challenges. We believe a holistic approach is important as healing requires that we attend to not only our psychological needs, but also to lifestyle support such as nutrition, exercise and our support networks.

Personal growth oftentimes means facing our difficulties and learning from them. Sometimes this means overcoming obstacles through practical and goal oriented work, and sometimes this means sitting with our challenges and making sense of them in the broader unfolding of our lives. In most cases, growth, happiness and a sense of freedom come with a more full engagement in our own lives.

While the early stages of counselling generally focus on reducing negative symptoms and taking incremental steps towards our goals, eventually we can learn how our challenges can be turned into unique strengths. Our team is here to support you in growth, learning, change and healing.

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