Long Term Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is a long-term approach to self-understanding and deep psychological and emotional growth. Through psychotherapy, a full exploration of your self in a trusting relationship is a vehicle for change.

For some people, long-term psychotherapy provides an opportunity for deep self-exploration. This work can help you gain insights into unconscious behavior patterns that have negatively influenced your relationships and personal development.

The overall goal is to deepen connections to self, others, and the environment. Each of us can learn to express who we truly are through connecting to the unconscious, working through attachment patterns, and actively expressing our capacities.

It is often unclear at the beginning of long-term psychotherapy what the path will be, the role of your counsellor in this process is as a guide by your side as you enter into a deep process of self-exploration.

Psychotherapy is also recognized as a preferred treatment approach for developmental and early life traumas such as sexual abuse, physical abuse, and neglect, as well as for the treatment of longstanding mental health challenges.

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